Monday, December 28, 2015

Things to Leave Behind

As the old year ends and the new approaches, a few words about things to leave behind.

1.  Regrets -- Learn the lesson, but leave the regret behind.

2.  Toxic People -- Leave them...and the drama... behind.

3.  Guilt -- Accept your time and energy restraints and leave the guilt behind.

4.  Worry -- Enjoy the present and leave the worry about the future behind.

5.  "Yes" -- It is perfectly acceptable to say "no" and leave the automatic "yes" behind.

6.  Self-Criticism -- You are strong, beautiful, and intelligent.  Intelligent enough to leave the self-criticism behind.

7.  Fear -- The definition of courage is being afraid and doing it anyways.  Do it and leave fear behind.

8.  Stress -- Resources are finite.  Accept and leave the stress behind.

9.  Procrastination -- Time is shorter than you think.  Do it now.  Leave procrastination behind.

10. Grief -- Treasure the happy memories and leave the grief behind.


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