Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Things to Keep in the New Year

As the old year ends and the new approaches, a few words about things to keep in the new year.

1.  Friends -- Friends are a treasure to be kept always.

2.  Joy -- Take pleasure in the simplest of things and be joyful.

3.  Peace -- Let peace fill your heart and soul.

4.  Health -- Keep the healthy steps you made in the old year and keep going in the new!

5.  Simplicity -- Less truly is more.

6.  "No" -- Use "no" to protect your time, energy, resources, and peace in the new year.

7.  Smiles -- Use them, share them, spread them.

8.  Trust -- Regrets were left behind, put your trust in the future and those you love.

9.  Memories -- Revisit happy times but remember you don't live there anymore.

10. Love -- And the greatest of these is love.


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