Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Do You Remember?

Growing up, I was taught that you never asked someone who he/she was going to vote for and it was never to be revealed who you had voted for in the election.

Does anyone remember how that rule of etiquette began?  For decades, and still in some countries today, you are required to openly vote.  This allows a tyrannical party to identify anyone who does not support their regime and creates targets for retaliation.  

Our system of secret voting is considered a privilege as we are free to vote for the person of our choice without fear.  This election season, that privilege has been eroded, with threats flying far and wide against people who may not share a particular belief, skin color, sex, or preference for a particular candidate.  

Fear is not, and should never be, a component of the voting process.  The removal of that fear, by our process of secret voting, is a basic tenet of what makes the United States great.  Let us all work to return to that process and to civilized behavior.


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