Thursday, November 10, 2016

Thrifty Thursday!

Typically, Friday is the day on the blog for frugal tips, moneymakers, job sites, etc.  Because tomorrow is Veterans Day, a holiday which I observe, Frugal Friday has become Thrifty Thursday for one week only!

This Thrifty Thursday, I want to revisit one of the features on this blog.  If you are reading on a computer, you will notice a tab on the top of the page labeled "Moneymakers."  If you are on your phone, you should see a button on the very bottom that says "View Web Version" and you will need to tap that first.

Listed on the Moneymaker tab, you will find a number of websites.  These are sites that I use, on a daily basis, to earn pocket money.  Note that I said "pocket money!"  You will not, cannot, and should not use these sites to replace an actual income.  On average, I earn about $30-$50 per month that I redeem in Amazon gift card codes.  

The money that I earn is used on Amazon as either mad money to buy fun stuff, or to supplement my grocery budget as needed.  One month, I may buy books or movies and the next, I buy toilet paper and dog food!  Either way, it provides relief to the budget!

As Christmas approaches, it is also an excellent resource to add to your Christmas fund.  Face it, gifts aren't getting any cheaper!  Even if you craft the majority of still have to purchase supplies.

Take a look at the sites available.  They are all easy to do and easy to earn some extra money.  Have fun and build up that extra cash!


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