Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Sentimental Stuff

As I unpack from my move, and yes, I am still unpacking, I have discovered my fatal flaw in downsizing and/or simplifying my life.  It is, without any doubt, sentimental clutter.

I have my great-grandmother's wedding centerpiece set.  I have quilts made by grandmothers, mother, and stepmother.  I have dishcloths crocheted by my aunt/godmother.  I have every gift ever given me by my best friend, whom I lost to breast cancer.  I have every card ever given me by my ex-husband, who is also gone.  I have it all...and I cannot bring myself to part with a single item.

To the outside world, I may appear to be cool, practical, and efficient.  In truth?  I am a humongous softie!  That may not necessarily be a bad thing...but it takes up valuable square footage!

I honestly have not been able to force myself to let some things go.  I have read all the blogs, lists, etc. on how to deal with emotional clutter and I still am unable to do it.  I do not want to leave this world and leave my children with a home full of things to deal with from people they don't know that mean nothing to them.  I need to get a grip!

What is your clutter weakness?  Is it paper?  Clothes, shoes?  What is your best tip for leaping that block?  Share your ideas!


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