Thursday, November 3, 2016

New Roads

During the time I was away from the blog, I made a number of major life changes.

I began a new job, working from home.  Yes, my commute now consists of steps rather than miles!  Rather than business attire, it is now yoga pants and fuzzy socks.  I am excited, as being able to work from home has been an ambition for years.

Speaking of home, I bought one!  After decades of having my living situation dependent on a husband and/or boyfriend, I now have a home that no man can control whether I stay or go.  It may not sound like a big deal to most, or to those who have loving relationships, but as an abuse survivor, having that control over my life is a huge, HUGE deal!  

I do have to admit, homeownership is stressful.  I am constantly on the watch for something going wrong or that I need to be on top of to avoid major expense.  At the same time...I'm still unpacking boxes!  This is my home, however, and I can take all the time I want to unpack and find the perfect place for everything.  I no longer have to worry about keeping things I love packed up as I can display what I want, where I want. 

To be honest, there were portions of this past year that were dark, very dark.  I have an incredible group of friends (my "near and dear") that stood by me, supported me, and loved me.  In addition, my youngest son has gone above, beyond, and to the stratosphere in taking care of his mom!  To all, a thank you from the bottom of my heart!


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