Monday, November 7, 2016

Falling Back

Did you remember to set every clock for the time change?  This year, I am happy to see the change in time!

Usually, this time change really messes with me.  I do not see well after dark, and getting home from work after falling back was not only a challenge, but a scary adventure on a daily basis!  I now work from home so the worry of making it home safely after work is no longer an issue.

This time change also kicks my nesting instincts into high gear!  There are delicious, filling meals to be made in the crockpot, casseroles in the oven, and it's baking season.  I begin crafting for Christmas and, other than the mandatory trip to the grocery store, I am a happy hibernator!!

Even here, in the deep South, it does get cooler during winter.  We have even been known to have a freeze or two each year.  Personally...I cannot wait for the cool to get here!  Are you ready for nesting season?  What are you looking forward to accomplishing?  

Happy Nesting!

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