Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Best Thing About Fall

Ask a group of people what is the best part of fall and you'll receive a wide variety of answers.  You'll hear about the start of school, the turning of the leaves, and the cooler temperatures.

If you ask any of the men in my life, it's football.  Well, football and the snacks you eat with football.  Football and the beer you drink with football.  Football, and well, football!

For me personally, it's none of the above.  My best part of fall is my sweats.  Yes, my sweats!  Those glorious, comfortable, snuggly sweats!  The bane of every fashionista's life, the outfit that garners a look of dismay from the hubby, the clothes even I wouldn't wear out in public.

But around the house?  There is absolutely nothing better.  A comfy set of sweats, a steaming mug of tea with honey, a good book, and I am set for an entire day.

Now living in Texas means the sweats window of opportunity is small.  I vow to take full advantage of every possible moment to snuggle up in my sweats before the heat returns!

And those are my random thoughts this morning...

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