Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Incredibly Blessed

Yesterday, I began the process of gathering our team for the Austin Komen Race for the Cure.  The first person to commit?  My 21 year old son.  His unflagging support of his mother is done without hesitation and with a pure heart.

Last year, he ran the course while I walked it.  When he finished...he turned around and came back to where I was and finished the course with me.  Granted, he made me finish at a run...but he was holding my hand and encouraging me the whole time.  Actually, by the end...he was damn near carrying me!!

When you attend a Race for the Cure, you'll notice it's about 80% women.  Mothers, daughters, sisters, friends.  But that last 20% are the husbands, sons, and brothers supporting the women they love.  A few years ago, there was even a fraternity group standing along the course giving free hugs.  It takes a special kind of man to willingly subject himself to a gathering of thousands of women wearing pink!!!  But they do so with generosity and love.

I am incredibly blessed and lucky to have such a man as my son.  I don't think there is any greater pride a mother can have than to witness one of her children doing good for others.  It fills my heart and soul to watch my son's huge heart in action.

So I'm looking forward to sharing this year's event with him.  But this year...I'm not running!!!


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  2. Very touching! You must have done an amazing job raising your son to have such a wonderful young man in your life :)



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