Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Not too bad!

So far this morning, I'm having a pretty lucky day.  I've managed to score free Green Giant vegetables (full-size), free hair color from John Frieda (full-size), and free headlight restorer (sample) from Murphy Racing.  And I haven't been awake that long!

How did I do it?  By following bloggers on Facebook that regularly post freebies that they find!  Now when they're posted, you have to be quick!  A lot of the giveaways have a limit so you have to jump on them when they pop up.  For example, yesterday Wendy's gave away 50,000 free retro t-shirts.  That seems like a lot until you consider the number of people who use Facebook!!  (Yep...I scored one of those, too!)

How to find these bloggers' pages?  Go to Facebook and put "Freebies" in the search box at the top.  Another good search keyword is "Frugal".  In these economic times, the more you can get for free, the better!!

So what have you gotten for free lately?

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