Friday, October 28, 2011

The Tables Have Turned

I've been accused by my children on multiple (thousands) occasions of being a helicopter mom.  It's true, I am. Proud of it!!  But I have experienced that unique empty-nester phenomena of having the tables turned.

My sons are incredibly (over)protective.  And this morning, something occurred that illustrates it perfectly.

My oldest son (R.) is in the hospital.  He has a stomach bug and needed a potassium drip.  But he didn't call me to let me know.  Instead, he called his little brother (T.).  That way, T. could call me.  T.'s number would show up on the caller ID instead of the hospital's.  The exact quote from both of them? "We didn't want you to freak out, Mama."

R. is 24, T. is 21.  I have been getting phone calls from hospitals in regards to both of them for a really long time...not to mention trips to the ER, meeting ambulances or daycare providers at the ER, etc.  Would the hospital's number on my caller ID have caused a heart pounding moment?  Yes, absolutely it would have.  Would it have precipitated a full-blown Mama freak-out?  Probably not.  As any mother of sons will tell you, you're always ready for that number to show up.

But their hearts are so in the right place.  They have grown up to be men who consciously think about protecting the women in their lives, Mama included.  And you have to love that.  So let this particular table turn...I'll let them protect me whenever they want.  Is there such a term as helicopter kids?

Enjoy your weekend, everybody!!

Love, Jerri


  1. I have two boys, (only 6 and 8) but love this story!

  2. Your turn will come! I consider it a bonus for making through the chaos!



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