Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Is It Still Monday??

Seriously...is it still Monday?  I've been running around all day and feel like I'm not gaining an inch of ground!  I can't use the kids as an excuse...my nest is empty!  Even the dogs are asleep, so I can't blame them either.

I guess part of my problem today is that I left some things I needed to do until the last minute.  I'm really good at that!  Part is that new things have appeared that I wasn't expecting.  Like the hubby telling me he needs my old laptop set up for him because he needs to take it to training next week.  Training?  What training?  Oh, I know...that training he THINKS he told me about!

At least I got all my running around done this morning before the rain hit.  Yes, it's actually raining in Austin!!  Not a lot, but every drop that falls is a gift!  The rain does make for a perfect time to get some things done in my "office".

So enjoy your day, everybody!  It's back to the salt mines for this girl!!


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