Thursday, November 17, 2011

Product Review: Coy Clothes

I'm in love!!  Ok, it's with an article of clothing...but it's still love!!!  And you'll fall in love too with Coy Clothes!!

This has to be the softest, most comfortable shirt I have ever owned in my entire life!!  Seriously...I could live in it.

The fit is incredible and it is so so so soft!!  Did I mention it's soft?  The quality of the workmanship is outstanding.  It has held it's shape through multiple wearings and washings.  The shirt is constructed from rayon made from bamboo (who knew rayon could come from bamboo?) and organic cotton.  So in addition to how good it feels to wear it, you feel good about what you're wearing!!

Now a confession.  Just so you know what a complete and total blonde I am...I owned and wore this shirt for MONTHS before I ever noticed this tag near the neckline on the back!  I love it!!

In addition to the quality of the shirt, I love the sense of humor that goes in to each design.  Speaking of is the shirt I'm planning on adding to my closet:

Check out Coy Clothes at the website and give them a like on the Facebook Fan Page!  I know you'll be happy you did!!

Disclaimer:  I received my shirt after winning it on another blog's giveaway.  All opinions expressed are solely my own including the resulting addiction!

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