Tuesday, January 21, 2014

At That Age

I'm at that age.  I'm an empty-nester who also happens to be a full-time college student.  Graduation is rapidly approaching so I decided to begin the hunt for a dress to wear under my gown.

Sigh...this is going to be difficult.  I'm old but I'm not my grandma.  I'm also not THAT old but I'm not a stripper either.

Am I asking too much?  I would like a dress that shows my figure, fits great, and makes me look my best.  I don't want to look matronly...I don't feel that old inside.  On the hand, I also don't want my hooha hanging out because I'm definitely too old for that!

Why are women of that age missing from the fashion world?  Granted, I'm only talking about real women.  Celebrities and movie stars in their 50's and 60's have absolutely no problem finding clothes.  I'm talking about women who can't afford an entire year's salary for one dress.  We do exist!

I'll keep you updated as my search continues.  Hopefully, it won't take too long!  After all...once I have the dress, the most important hunt begins.  The shoes!!!



  1. I feel your pain! I have the same experience every time I have to buy jeans or shorts. I'm not THAT old, so I don't need jeans with a waist that goes up to my chest - but I want to be able to bend over without my butt crack showing. And shorts, oh boy. Either it's my grandma's shorts, or my butt cheeks are hanging out. Seriously, the fashion industry needs to address this issue for us ladies!!!

    1. Oh, Darian...I completely forgot about the shorts! But you are absolutely right!!! Now all we have to do is get them to pay attention to us!!



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