Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wahoo Wednesday

Today a shout-out goes to my youngest son.  He's the baby but he has grown into an amazing man.

He always manages to make me laugh.  I can be lower than low and he can make me giggle in a matter of minutes.  Granted, it's usually by aggravating me...but it works!!

He is a loving and caring man.  He cares for and takes great care of his friends and family.  He works hard and grown so much over the last few years.

He takes time out every day to check on me since I moved away a couple years ago.  That's a big deal...even for a grown woman...when you're far from family.  It says a lot about his character.

I could keep going...but I've probably already embarrassed him!  But hey...what are moms for??


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