Friday, January 24, 2014

Frugal Friday

I have a freebie for you this Friday.  The only have to use an Android phone.  Sorry, iPhone's not available for you as of right now.

Today's treat is a little app called Mr. Number.

We've all signed up on the do-not-call lists and we are all just as aware calls still get through.  By installing Mr. Number on your Android phone, you can block these calls for good.

I currently use Mr. Number myself.  When a call comes through that the app has already identified as spam, a message box pops up on my screen, identifying it as such.  I then have the option to block the call by having my phone hang up automatically.  If that number ever calls again, the hang up is automatic.  Pesky calls gone!!

If you're looking for a call-blocking application for your Android phone, check out the Mr. Number app at .


P.S.  Mr. Number also offers a premium option that is not free.  I personally have found the free version to be more than adequate!!

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