Friday, January 17, 2014

Frugal Friday

Did you survive the holiday season?  How about those credit cards...did they survive?  Belt tightening in January doesn't just mean your diet.  A lot of us are cutting back now to repair the damage of the holiday excess.

This year I used a new system for gifts.  It made it easy to decide what to buy and kept the budget in check.  This is used for those you buy multiple gifts for such as spouses and children.  It's easy to follow and takes a lot of the stress out of holiday shopping.

1.  Something you want

2.  Something you need

3.  Something to wear

4.  and Something to read

This method is especially effective for children.  Somehow our society seems to have evolved (devolved maybe?) to the point where large numbers of children are overindulged and honestly believe they should get anything they ask for.  Using this system not only keeps the parent's budget intact, but allows children to learn the value of what they receive.

Try truly works!!


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