Tuesday, March 8, 2016


It is amazing what laughter can do to turn your day around.  While working on Sunday, I somehow hit a combination of keys that made everything I typed show up backwards.  I have no idea what I did but I was so stressed from trying to get things done, that I completely lost it.

In between yelling, pleading with my son to FIX IT, and just generally losing my mind, I began to laugh.  True, it may have been a bordering on insanity kind of laugh; but it was also the kind of laugh that brought tears to my eyes.  Once started, I could not stop.  I'm sure exhaustion played a role in there, also.

Once my laptop was again typing in the correct direction, I managed to catch my breath and get back to work.  In truth, that laugh break was much needed.  I sat back down at my desk, refocused myself, and actually accomplished quite a bit!

There are times when life gets so overwhelming that the simplest thing (like a keyboard typing backwards) can send one over the edge.  When it happens, laugh!  It may delay you for a moment, but the moments that follow will be lighter.


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