Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Preparing for Spring

As the weather rapidly warms on the Gulf Coast, festival season begins and there is some kind of activity happening each weekend.  I am looking forward to attending as many as I can!  

In addition, I have some woodworking projects in mind for the warm weather, one of which may take a month or more as I can only work on it on weekends.  Of course, I cannot forget the gardening that is about to be in full force!

As I prepare for spring, it brings a sense of anticipation.  I look forward to the warmth, to the ability to enjoy time outside, and the sense of renewal. There are numerous flowers and flowering shrubs that are already in full bloom and the colors bring joy.

Start your list.  Prepare for the warm weather, the time outdoors, and the time spent with your hands in the Earth.  Mother Nature is awakening.  


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