Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Thursday 10

Last week, we talked about surveying your bedroom and making a list of things you wanted to do to bring it to the room of your dreams.

I managed to get one thing on my list done.  I ordered a rug for my bedroom floor.  While I love the look of hardwood floors, hearing my dog's nails on the floor when she's restless at night is not the most serene environment!  I am hoping, once it arrives, that if muffles some of the sound in my room. And no, shutting her out of the bedroom is NOT an option!!

This week, let's move on to your bathroom.  Get your notebook and take an honest, hard look at the room.  Is your shower curtain and/or liner well over its expiration date?  Is the lighting flattering?  Do you have a window that gives a view from outside that you would not want to share?  Can it be frosted to keep the light and keep your privacy?

Remember, not more than 10 things per room.  If you exceed the ten, you will spend a fortune and forever in one room!  This exercise is to get you started.  Small changes can be made, with either little money; or, in a lot of cases, simple muscle power!

On to the bathroom we go!!


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