Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Paper Monster

One of my biggest struggles has always been, and remains, the paper monster.  You would think that in this digital age, and the fact that I spend at least 10 hours each day on the computer, that I would have everything scanned, stored, backed up, and paper shredded. is so not that way!!  For some reason, paper always gets the best of me!  I keep every owner's manual for everything I own.  Why?  I can attest that I have never, ever, ever read the owner's manual for my toaster.  But yet I keep it.  Will I ever need that manual?  No.  I know how to use a toaster.  So why do I still have it?

This is going to be added to my goals for this year.  If nothing else, I will scan and store all of my warranty manuals for everything I own.  Just this small step will open up at lease two inches worth of room in my filing cabinet!

I have now said it publicly.  I am counting on you to hold me to it!


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