Monday, March 28, 2011

An Evening with Devo

Last night a friend and I attended the Devo concert at the Austin City Limits Live venue at the Moody Theater.  It was a full house, packed all the way to the rafters.

The opening act was a local band...The Octopus Project.  Their techno sound was pretty good and we enjoyed them but I have to admit, at my age...listening to it in a smaller club would probably physically damage me!!

Looking around the theater, I realized that a large portion of the crowd was of the gray-haired demographic.  I mean, A LOT of gray heads to be seen, along with quite a few balding ones!  Given the band playing, I expected it to be an older crowd but it was actually heart-warming to see fans willing to see a favorite band after so many years (decades?).

Devo most definitely rocked the house!!  And how amazing to hear this crowd singing every word to "Whip It" and roaring "We Are Devo" when "Are we not men?" was asked.  The heads bobbing up and down may have been moving a bit slower and not as hard as their head-banging days, but the fervor was still there.  But then, Devo's jumpsuits also had a bit more room in them than they did back in the day...just sayin'.  But Devo's covers of "Satisfaction" and "Secret Agent Man" were out of this world!!!

Gray hair or not, this empty nester had an absolute blast at the concert...including sore throat this morning from singing and cheering.  So for you youngsters out there, a piece of news:  We gray-hairs ROCK!!

Disclaimer:  I received tickets to the concert as a result of winning a Twitter concert from Austin City Limits Live.  All opinions in this blog are strictly my own and are not influenced by the receipt of those tickets.

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