Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Time is short

Time is short.  I'm a firm believer in experiences.  I don't mind a small house, and not having the latest style.  But in the last six months, I've visited New Orleans, completed the Austin Turkey Trot benefiting Caritas of Austin, volunteered with Austin Park Foundation's "I love my park", completed the Paramount 5k benefiting the theater restoration, attended a show at Esther's Follies, saw the Lippizaner Stallions, and attended the Devo concert.  I've read 20+ books, started this very blog, and spent time with friends.

Time is short.  I want to pack the time I do have left with every experience I can.  There is so much in this world to be experienced...I don't want to miss a thing!!  Sometimes it appears I'm going a hundred miles an hour, but as long as I'm moving, I'm alive...and lovin' it!!  I do wish I could transfer that zest to my children but at the age they are at, that sense of indestructibility is strong and they believe they have all the time in the world.  It seems to be a lesson learned with age and experience.

Time is short.  What are you going to experience next?

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