Monday, March 21, 2011

To Do or Not to Do (Lists, that is)

The dreaded ToDo list.  That thing that continually hangs over one's head, reminding us of how much we HAVEN'T accomplished.  Women are notorious for beating themselves up about what needs to be done, should be done and how.

This year, I decided to try a different approach.  At the end of December, I was in Target and picked up a small daily planner.  Only a buck, because I didn't want to spend a lot on something I wasn't sure was going to work.  And beginning January 1st, I began writing in the planner every day what I HAD accomplished that day.  So far, I haven't missed a day!

Granted, some days consist of little more than "I got out of bed".  Other days have so many things listed I run out of room.  It feels good to look back on things I have accomplished versus the never ending list of what I need to do.  Let's face it, I'm going to die with that list unfinished!!  So why not celebrate my accomplishments instead of agonizing over the undone?

A surprise benefit?  I seem to be accomplishing more.  I like seeing the planner full!  And that ToDo list?  I still make the occasional list for specific projects...but no more lists that have to updated before they are ever finished.  This is one new habit I think I'm gonna keep.

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