Thursday, March 31, 2011


The latest novel from one of my favorite authors, Jonathan Kellerman, was released Tuesday.  I'd already pre-ordered it for my e-reader so as soon as it came out, I was ready to go.  And that same novel was completely consumed by Wednesday.

There are a few authors I follow religiously.  Jonathan Kellerman with the Alex Delaware series.  Patricia Cornwell with the Kay Scarpetta series.  Kathy Reichs with the Temperance Brennan series.  If you're familiar with any of them, you'll notice a trend...I admit it...I'm a murder kinda gal!

The problem with following a specific series is waiting for the lastest installment.  You wait patiently for a year or more for the next novel and when it's released, you are so excited to read it, you literally cannot wait to get your hands on it!!  Unfortunately, I read at an extremely rapid rate and they rarely last more than 24 hours.  If I have a large chunk of time to set aside for just the pleasure of reading...not even that long.

So now I wait...again.  Waiting for the familiar characters to re-enter my world, taking me away to theirs.  Waiting for cliffhangers to be resolved, wondering what crisis will befall them next.

And so I wait...and wait...and wait...

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  1. I used to do that with Terry Brooks books, and I often dreamed of being in the story. Crazy huh?
    sunnywolfgar aka Terry Devine



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