Friday, March 25, 2011

I'm still a mom!!!

There seems to be a serious case of ageism in parenting!!  If you look at magazines, blogs, websites, sweepstakes, the news...the assumption seems to be that parents only have children between birth and 18.  Does the fact that your child has reached the age of majority mean you cease to be their parent?  I don't think so!!!

My children are all over 21.  I didn't turn in my mom card when they hit 18 and won't for the rest of my life.  I worry if they're eating enough.  My heart breaks for them when they go through a break-up.  I wonder if the coat they have is heavy enough for winter.  I look for things they might want/need while shopping.  And I go into full mom mode when they post on Facebook that they're going out and don't relax until I see a post from them the next day!!

So to the media, writers, etc.:  I'm still a mom!!  There is an entire generation of empty-nesters who love their kids!!  And as empty-nesters...we have fuller wallets to back our stand!

And those are my random thoughts this morning!

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