Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I think I'll dye my hair pink!!

Ok, not really!!  But I'm feeling the need to do something huge before I turn 50.  Something to leave my mark on this world...or maybe just on my life!  So let's review a couple of options...

Tattoo?  No!!  For one, I hate needles.  To the point where when my sons got their immunizations, the doctor made me stand in the hall!  And let's face it, for one brief moment...when you got a tattoo, you were different.  Now everyone has one and the sense of being unique has long since left the building.

Skydiving?  I said I wanted to make a mark on my life...not end said life!!  I am flat out just not brave enough.  I know all the statistics about how safe it is when you jump with an instructor...I don't care...not gonna happen!!

That half-written novel that's been patiently waiting for me?  Now this one is at least within the realm of reality.  Of course, it's been waiting for a while but the end may actually be in sight in the not too distant future.  And with the advent of Smashwords, etc.; publication is a possibility!

Or maybe I'll just keep going the way I have been and try to be the best friend I can be.  Surely that leaves a mark somewhere, don't you think?


  1. I sky dived a few years back with a great friend. Though I've wised up since then, it was a memory I greatly enjoyed making.



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