Friday, September 23, 2011

The End of an Era

Today marks the last televised episode of All My Children.  After 41 years on the air, this is just so sad.

Growing up, a lot of us looked to Erica Kane for an example of a strong woman.  Were her storylines sometimes unbelievable?  Yes...but that's what made it fun!!  Evil twins, coming back from the dead, dream sequences...all served to bring entertainment to a sometimes boring day.

And the romances!  Tad and Dixie, Jessie and Angie, Greg and Jenny, Erica and well...everybody else.  They gave us all hope that someday our prince would come.  True, real life doesn't live up to a soap opera but most of us managed to find our princes anyways.

So kudos to Agnes Nixon and the cast and crew.  Thank you for an entertaining 41 years!

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