Thursday, September 29, 2011

The End of Summer

Boy, is that title a hopeful thing!  Today will be Day 90 in Austin with temps over 100 degrees.  I'm starting to think this summer will never end!

But in hopes of the approaching cooler temps, I'm taking today to sort through my summer clothes and thin out what I never wore this summer.  And I say hope, because in all actuality...I will probably be wearing summer clothes for at least another month!

I miss my sweaters.  I miss my boots!  And let me tell you...I have some killer boots!  It's a shame they only come out to play a couple months out of the year!

Hope still reigns, however!  So here I sit, sorting clothes.  All in the anticipation that soon it will be cool enough to rock a new fall look.  And after the wardrobe change?  I'm so looking forward to a hot cup of tea and a roaring fire!

Ah least in my dreams...


  1. feels as humid as AUgust here...keep hoping we can turn off the airconditioning soon but not so sure...

  2. We did have a cold front go through last night...only in the 90's today!!



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