Monday, September 26, 2011

For The Sake of My Sanity...STOP!!!

Ok, here goes my Monday morning rant...

Let's be clear from the start.  Facebook is NOT charging fees.  There is NO gold, silver, or bronze level.  Your icon will NOT turn blue.  Your account will NOT be deleted if you don't follow these instructions.  This was NOT on the news!!!

How many times did you see this hoax in the past week?  Personally, I lost count.  But it was enough to get me to the verge of becoming a shrieking banshee!!

A number of these posts came from people that re-post on a regular basis.  Is it that they are too ignorant to recognize a scam?  Is it that they are too trusting?  Is it that they are too lazy to check their facts before presenting a statement as truth?  I'm not sure...but it may even be all of the above.

And what lasting effects does this cause? spreads falsehoods even further. lets your friends and family know that you'll either fall for anything or don't know truth from fiction. causes a tendency in people to ignore EVERYTHING you post because so much of what you post is false.

Is there a cure for this condition?  Yes!!!  And it's an easy one.  If it's not your own thoughts, out of your own brain, in your own words...DON'T POST IT!!!

If there is a posting you want to re-post, check your facts before you post.  Snopes and Hoax Slayer are both great resources and easy to use.

Now there is a difference between re-posting and sharing.  So if you wish to share this blog...please feel free!!



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