Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Facebook...What Have You Done???

I woke up in a great mood this morning.  Then I logged in to Facebook.  And that was the end of that mood!

So Facebook is deciding for me what my top stories are.  Obviously, they don't track my activity worth a darn!  The extremist political rants that I hide every time they are posted are now listed as "top stories".  The annoying "copy and re-post" blatherings are also now "top stories".  If Facebook was paying any attention to what I like and don't would know that these posts are hidden the second they hit my wall!!!  I want to know what my friends are thinking and doing...not some idiotic post from some anonymous yahoo a thousand clicks back. Isn't that the very definition of spam?

And now I can see what every friend posts on a third party's wall.  Unless I'm friends with both parties, this information is NONE OF MY BUSINESS!!!  Not only that, but who really honestly wants to know every single click a friend makes?  Really...just stop!!!

A lot of the tech blogs have surmised that these new changes are Facebook's way of getting ahead of Google Plus.  Now, I use Google Plus a bit but it doesn't seem to offer the interaction that Facebook does.  But I can guarantee that pissing off your loyal users is the fasted way to send them to Google Plus!  Every post I've seen this morning on Facebook regarding the changes is not a happy one!

So get it together, Facebook!!  You brag on your ability to track user patterns.  Today would be the day to pay attention!!!


  1. I had the same feeling today. Logged onto Facebook and said "Huh? What the he%# is this crap?" I have no desire to see half the stuff I am, nor can I figure out how to see the stuff I want to! Facebook really needs to stop with the changes, because you're right, with Google+ out now a lot of people might jump ship.

  2. I'm still so annoyed...I can't tell if I'm missing friends' posts or not!!



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