Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Making Do

Making do...something our mothers and grandmothers excelled at accomplishing.  Somehow, with the baby boomer generation, the focus changed from making do to everything has to be new, bigger, and better.  With that, we also became a generation of debt and stress.

Making do doesn't have to mean doing without.  Let me give you a couple examples from this past Easter dinner.  With my kids grown and gone, Easter egg dye kits are no longer in stock in my kitchen.  But I decided that I needed some dyed eggs to make it feel like Easter.  What did I do?  I used koolaid already in the fridge! Yes, it works.  Cherry makes a pretty pink and well, grape is self-explanatory.

I also needed to come up with a dessert.  The oven was off-limits as it was already full with racks of ribs and a huge pot of Boston Baked Beans.  Digging around in the pantry, I found a box of instant white chocolate pudding.  I still had about half a container of strawberries in the fridge so I decided to use those up also.  And the white chocolate/strawberry parfaits were born!

You don't have to run out to the store every time you think you might need something.  With a little imagination and a little creativity, you can make do with what you already have.  The internet is full of amazing ways to re-use things you already have.  Next time you're stumped, do a quick'll be amazed what you'll come up with!  Remember that not everything you want/need has to cost extra!

And those are my random thoughts this morning...



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