Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Apologies

I'm so sorry for my absence!!  I'm back and let me regale you with the story behind my disappearance.

On Saturday, I was taking a jewelry rack down from my wall.  Here's a picture of what one looks like from Brylane Home's website:

Jewelry Collection Organizer image

As you can see, it's mounted directly on a wall or door.  Mine was mounted on the wall.  On the floor beneath it, I have a chair and a half sleeper.  Rather than moving the chair and getting a ladder like I should have done, I grabbed my beloved drill and up on to the chair I went!

Removing the jewelry rack itself was no problem.  I got the screws out, lowered the rack to the chair, and went to jump down from the chair.  And that's where things went awry.

Somehow, as I was on my way down, I completely lost my footing.  In itself, not a huge deal and I thought I was going to be able to catch myself.  I caught myself alright.  Using my head and the edge of the seat on an oak chair.  Did you ever think about just how hard oak is?

Needless to say, the oak didn't give.  Neither did my skull.  So I headed up with a golf-ball sized lump behind my left ear, a good sized gash, a headache from hell, and a concussion.  Not my idea of how I wanted to spend the last few days!!

I'm feeling a lot better now and I'm back to my usual ditzy self.  That would be without the added ditziness of having scrambled my brains.  I did learn a few lessons, though...and here they are:

1.  You are 50 not 19.  Stop climbing on furniture.

2.  Use the proper tool for the job.  An upholstered chair is not a ladder.

3.  Oak does not give.  AT ALL!!



  1. Huh??!! OMG, I am....speechless....gosh I hope yr feelin better darlin...wow...I mean, ouch.

  2. Hope you're okay now!

  3. I'm doing much better, thanks!! Just my usual klutzy self...I'm always a disaster waiting to happen!!



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