Monday, April 9, 2012

Ready, Set, Swap!!

Clothing.  One of the expensive categories in our budgets, and a difficult one to manage.  We all want to look good...but how to do it frugally?

One option is a clothing swap.  You will get new clothes for your wardrobe, get to spend time with friends, and they get new options to wear also.

First, compile a list of like-sized friends.  Choose a theme for the night and make it a pot-luck to save wear and tear on you!  Personally, I would choose to make it a night of drinks and desserts.  That way no one has to worry about heating things up and running back and forth to the kitchen.  You can grab paper plates and such at the dollar store so no great expense there.

Send out your invites.  Use email or an online service such as e-vites.  The only rules in regards to the clothes and accessories are that they be clean and well-maintained.  You don't want anyone bringing clothes that are stained or should really be rags!

The day of the swap, set up your living or family room like a boutique.  Put blouses in one area, dresses in another, etc.  When your guests arrive, help them sort in to the different areas.  Go over the rules you've set such as if you brought five items, you leave with no more than five.

Last thing...enjoy the time with your friends!  Put on a fashion show with items you all have selected and have fun with it!!


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  1. Used to do this years ago when I was acting. Loads of fun!



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