Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Versatile Classic

I saw a post on Facebook the other day and the poster was stressing over how to pack for a multitude of occasions.  That brought to mind the most versatile classic of all...the black pump.

These pumps can be the most versatile piece in your suitcase.  Having to only pack one pair of shoes will also save you a ton of space!  I'm one of those that never checks luggage, so I maximize every bit of space in that carry-on.

Wear the pumps with a business suit or straight skirt and blouse and you're ready for a business meeting.  Black goes with almost every color so they are easy to match to an outfit.  They are a professional look and you still look stylish.

Wear the pumps with a cocktail dress and you're ready for a reception or night out on the town.  Just make sure the heel height is comfortable for you so you don't end up barefoot by the time the night is over.  And don't forget what heels do for your legs and'll look fabulous!

Wear the pumps with a pair of skinny jeans and a cute top and you're ready for a casual outing.  They work perfectly for hitting the local pub or a happy hour at a restaurant with the girls.  The jeans give you a casual look but the heels give it just that little bit extra.

So now you have a few ideas on how to pack just one pair of shoes and get a number of uses out of them.  Don't forget, they are also easy to slip on and off at airport security so you won't hold up the line!

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