Monday, April 30, 2012

My New Obsession

I'm in love.  With a website.  Yep, a website.  Of course, given my reading's a website all about books and reading!

Welcome to Goodreads.  An entire website devoted to books, reading, book reviews, authors, readers, and everything a reading addict could love!

Goodreads lets you connect with fellow readers, favorite authors, and lets you check out the shelves of your friends' bookcases.  There are reading groups, interactive chats with authors, and tons of reviews to read.

Goodreads also gives away thousands of books.  They are advance reading copies (ARC) of coming releases so you actually get to read the book before it's released to the masses.  Nirvana to a reading addict!!  All they ask is that you review the book when finished.

You can also set a yearly reading goal.  This year, I picked 121 as my goal for the year.  No specific reason, just a number I pulled out of thin air.  So far, I'm on track to beat it by a mile.  As of 04.26, I've read 59 books so I'm 21 books or 17% ahead of schedule to meet my goal.

You will add each book to your reading timeline as you begin it and update either your progress or your finish date.  As I read pretty quickly, I don't bother with the progress update and just update when I finish the book.  I then rate the book on a scale of 1 to 5 stars and write a review if the book really caught my fancy.  I also have my timeline tied to my Twitter account (@JerrilynnA) so it automatically posts there when I'm finished.  If you wish, you can also tie it to your Facebook timeline.

Head on over to Goodreads and check it out!  While you're there, send me a friend request...I'd love to see what's on your shelves!!



  1. It is addictive! And dangerous; I bought three books last night.

  2. I just joined. I used to read a book every day or two and the last few years it has gotten where I am lucky if I read one a month. Maybe this site will help me put the laptop away and actually read a little more often! I've been reading more classics lately.. mostly because most of them are free. Thanks for the information!



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