Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Frugal Dining Out

I'm cheap.  Call it frugal, cheap, inexpensive...just not miserly.  I enjoy life and I don't take saving money to the point of pain.  As far as I'm concerned, that defeats the purpose.  I save so I can enjoy more things, experiences, and time with my loved ones.

A pleasure of mine, and of every mother and grandmother out there, is dining out.  Dining out as in we don't have to cook.  Period.  I'm not a huge fan of buffets because if I'm paying for a meal, I want it served to me.  Don't make me get up and get my own food.  The pleasure comes with someone waiting on me for a change.

But I am the Queen of Cheap...I need a way to dine out and save money at the same time.  That's where the website www.eatdrinkdeals.com comes in.

This website lists deals and coupons for chain restaurants around the country.  Deals like the days that kids eat free or the 2 for $20 deals.  If there are coupons available, the coupon will appear and you can print for your deal.  Every penny saved counts!!

Now this website is for national chains.  For local deals, sign up for Groupon or Google deals for your city.  These will include deals for local restaurants that you can't find elsewhere.  And as always, make sure you follow your favorite spots on Facebook and Twitter as they'll post deals there that you can't get anywhere else!


  1. Amen! Something about buffets which bother me is that I don't like seeing strangers messing with what will be my food! I like it to appear from the hidden kitchen. The worst meal we ever had was served by a waitress who had just been in a car accident, complete with bloody bandage on her arm. Jersey diner.....

    1. Oh my word!!! I think I would have walked out on that one...Wow!!



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