Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Duck Tale

A few nights ago, I took Max and Emma for their nightly walk around the pond.  The local residents of the pond are a quartet of black and white ducks.  This night, however, there was a mallard interloper in the pond!

As I watched, the quartet chased the mallard across the street to another pond.  Satisfied with their success, they returned to their home pond and proceeded to paddle their way across to the far side.  I continued walking the dogs for another minute or two.

The next thing I see is that same mallard coming back across the street.  But now he brought three of his mallard buddies with him!  They race across the street, down the embankment and start swimming away in the quartet's pond.

On the far side of the pond, I observe the quartet freeze mid-motion.  They saw the mallards invade their pond!!  Moving as one, the four reversed direction and headed full speed towards the mallards.

By this point, I had completely given up walking the dogs and just stood and watched the scene before me.  As I watched the two "gangs" of ducks tussle over territory, I swear I heard the music from West Side Story in my head!!

The mallards were chased back across the street once again.  I watched and immediately tried to decide which were the Sharks and which were the Jets.  I can't wait to see the next act!

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