Monday, May 14, 2012

My Mother's Day Gift

Posted by my youngest on Facebook:

I know I'm late but...this is for my mommy.

know I'm a day late but here it goes.  
The day kept getting closer and closer and due to circumstances beyond my control I didn't get anything for my mom.  I know I'm a terrible person.  I tried to think of something that I had previosly given her that made her laugh, cry and extrememely happy to be my mom.   A coupon book saying she could get a free dinner or a free hug? No that went out when I turned 12.  Macaroni box? No..I'd only eat the macaroni.  So as I kept thinking back I came across a status from her birthday with me pouring my heart to her about how much I loved her.  So why not do it again?So here it goes. 
My mom has a superwoman cape in her closet I swear.  She may not be taking me to school or making lunches or going to boy scout meetings anymore but that doesn't mean that cape is any less used.  She is not only a mom to me, but a mom to a lot of older and younger people.  She has been their for them emotionally and in some cases financially. Plus she beat breast cancer.  And I definetly saw the re payment of that after the life event she had moving to another state.  I saw friends come from all over even some from different states just to help out.  Herself she can only claim by blood 3 kids, but when I look at her facebook or catch up with her weekend, that number gets near 100.  She is dependable, heart full of love, selfless behavior to help out another person first.  I don't know anybody that has a bad thing to say to her.  Even though she is miles away from me and them now, she is still trying to be "mom".Now on to what she did and still does for me. Not only did she make sure I was on top of school work, no matter how hard I tried to avoid it, she personally checked to make sure I went to school.  Yeah I was a rebel.  But in the end she found out the best chance for me was to go to a boarding school to get on the right track.  I ended up graduating with a 3.7 gpa and a scholarship.  If it wasn't for her I probably never would of graduated high school.

Days past adolescence.  I was in college but I didn't really know how to act.  In high school I didn't have that many friends.  So I hit up the mom on facebook (which I got her addicted on) for some social help.  I ended up having a great time in college minus the bad relationship break ups to which I went to mommy again for.  When I started living on my own and was in between jobs she was there with my part of the rent.  When I needed to come home and get a fresh start she was there with a bed.  Once again.  My mom has a cape in her closet.  I hope one day she can put it away and just let me do the rescuing and helping.  She means the world to me.  She has been my number 1 fan in anything I do.  If you have a mom like this, hug her and kiss her.  If you can't, make sure you tell her so she knows it.  It doesn't matter that it's not Mother's Day anymore.  For every day that she has been there for you, should be a day you tell her you love her.  So to my mom.. I love you.  
me and my mom at the race for the cure. I ran for her because she was a beast and beat breast cancer.

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