Friday, May 11, 2012

Lost Traditions

I'm a pretty old-fashioned girl.  Not I do have an independent streak a mile wide!  But there are some things I do that are a throwback to another time.

I enjoy needlework.  I crochet, cross-stitch, needlepoint, hook rugs, and make jewelry.  I enjoy giving something to a friend that I've made with my own two hands.  On a quiet evening at home, sitting with a project brings me contentment.

I still sometimes wear an apron while cooking.  It makes me feel feminine.  And admittedly, I am not the neatest cook!!  There was a reason aprons were invented and I'm pretty sure I'm one of them!  An apron is a must for me if I'm wearing anything nicer than housecleaning clothes!

I pretty much adhere to the standard division of labor.  He takes care of the outside, I take care of the inside.  That varies, of course, depending on the specific task but I've found it usually works pretty well.  Why mess with something that's worked for generations?

I believe children should address adults with Sir and Ma'am.  I address my elders this way.  I also use the term of respect for any military personnel and any store clerk etc. that I interact with.  You can't lose when you start out being respectful.

I will let a man hold the door for me or open the car door for me.  I still believe in chivalry.  Of all of these, this may be the fastest dying tradition.  That is sad.  I remember quite a few times when my boys were young when I stood outside a store door waiting until they remembered to come back and hold the door for me.  The lesson took!!

What do you still do that you think is a lost or dying art or tradition?  What would you like to learn to do?

And those are my random thoughts this morning...

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