Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Missing My Books

Well known to the readers of this blog, I am an avid reader.  With everything I've had going on and moving, I've had very little time to just plant my butt and read.  I miss it.

I'm in the middle of a thriller.  When I attempted to read the other night, I had to stop and put it up.  I was mentally, physically, and emotionally too exhausted to pay the attention needed to the details of the story.  Perhaps this isn't the best time for that type of book.

I do have some "fluff" downloaded.  Perhaps I should skip to one of those until my head is in a better place.  That's exactly the reason I download them.  Something easy and quick to read when I don't want to tax my brain too much!!  Some romances, some shorts...I'm thinking one would be in order right about now!

I can't forget my reading goal for the year, either.  I'm still on track to reach 121 books read.  There's nothing that says they all have to be top of the line, intense, thought-provoking books!

I'm off to read now...something light, easy, and fun!!  You do the same!!


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  1. Times like that are usually when I'll pick up one of my favorites, because I've read I so many times I can "read it" without really reading. Fluff books are great for that too though, soothes the craving in a non-taxing way!



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