Tuesday, April 10, 2012

National Sibling Day

I miss my little brother.  He lives in Hawaii and visiting him seems a far off dream.  I dearly wish he was closer!

We have what I think is a usual brother-sister relationship.  We tease each other relentlessly.  Our first response to each other is almost guaranteed to be a smart-ass one!  When we were younger, we frequently knocked the crap out of each other.

But there is that line that is common in sibling relationships.  While we do and say things to each other, heaven help an outsider who does or says those same things.  I may smack him upside the head for something stupid he did, but let anyone else hurt him and I will tear them apart.  Well, except for his wife!!  After all, I count on her to keep him in line!

He would do the same for me.  Although he's my baby brother, he's big and can get kinda scary!!  I really wouldn't want to cross him for real.  Luckily, as his sister, I have a lot of leeway and can get away with teasing not too many people can.  But I know he always has my back.

I love my baby brother and wish I could give him a hug on National Sibling Day.  But Hawaii is a long way away from Texas so I guess this counts as my hug!  Hug your siblings today!


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