Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Do You See Me?

Ahhh, Facebook.  Yet another wrinkle to work around.

Have you "liked" my fan page?  Are you actually seeing my posts?  There is a reason why may not be.

Facebook has put a new "policy" in place trying to get fan and business pages to pay for their posts to be seen.  As the only money I make from this blog is the few cents I earn when someone clicks on an ad, that definitely isn't an option for me!!  But there is a work-around to avoid paying and making sure everyone can see the posts.

Go to Jerri's Empty Nest on Facebook.  If you haven't done so yet, click the "Like" button.  After you've done so, or if you already like my page, take your cursor and hover over the "Like" button.  A drop-down box will appear.  Make sure the "Show in News Feed" is checked.  Once that has been checked, you'll be able to see my posts!!

Head on over to Jerri's Empty Nest and make sure you don't miss a single thing!


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