Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Today is the day for a different type of writing.  I have some thank you's to take care of and I've gotten out my favorite notecards.

As much time as I spend on this keyboard, it feels good to pick up a pen and actually write longhand.  This may be one of those lost arts I've been talking about recently.  But I know I still have friends who are thrilled to get actual mail.  There's always a bit of excitement when you reach in to that mailbox and pull out something from a friend.

As I've recently moved, some friends have made sure I've had something in my brand new mailbox.  That has gone a long way to making me feel at home.  These women are thoughtful, kind, and loving.  I am truly blessed to have them as my friends.

It brings on a sort of Zen state to sit at my desk with pen in hand thanking my friends for thinking of me.  Why not sit down today and drop a note to a friend?  I promise it will be a worthwhile endeavor!!


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