Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Email Hell

Have you been there?  When your emails pile up faster than you can seem to get rid of them? So have I and I've finally come up with a plan!

I set aside one day a week to clean out my email inboxes.  Not the whole day, but it's a set commitment to get it done.

Although I do a half way decent job of getting rid of junk on a daily basis, it seems that the ones I think I need to read pile up by the end of the week.  It's my personal goal to keep each inbox under ten emails.  No matter how good I think I'm the end of the week, I'm overwhelmed!!

Hence my policy of clean up day!  I go through any remaining emails to see what I need to deal with and what can go away.  It's amazing how many I thought were vital on Wednesday mean diddly by Sunday!

Mark your calendars, set a date, and clear out those inboxes!!  You'll feel so much better, I promise!!


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