Friday, July 6, 2012

A Frugal Trend

Have you seen the stars lately with the different colored streaks and tips in their hair?  Here's a frugal way to get the same effect for your kids and grandkids.  Or maybe even's fun!!

Chalk!!  Yes...artist chalk...and it doesn't have to be the expensive stuff.  You can use the chalk from the dollar store!

Steps to chalking hair.

1.  Wet the section of hair you wish to color.

2.  Rub the chalk on the wet hair.  You may wish to wear gloves while doing this if you don't want multi-colored fingers!

3.  Wait for your hair to dry.

4.  Go over the colored section with a flat iron to set the color.

That's it!!  A frugal, temporary way to enjoy the latest fad.  Have fun!!!


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