Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Stress Busters

What do you do to ease the stress in your life?  Here are a few suggestions from me:

1.  Stretch and shake.  Look at your dog when they get up from a nap.  They'll take a long stretch and then shake their whole body.  Do the same and you'll instantly feel better.

2.  Eat blueberries.  This is one of nature's super foods.  Eat them on a regular basis and you'll feel better all around.

3.  Call a friend.  Just venting for five minutes will feel like fifty pounds off your shoulders.

4.  Pet your dog or cat.  Petting an animal is clinically proven to reduce stress and lower blood pressure.  Nothing feels better than the unconditional love of a pet.

5.  Re-phrase.  Say out loud what is bothering you.  Then re-phrase it, putting a positive spin on the situation.  You'll find you can do this with just about anything.

There you have a few of my ideas.  Do you have a favorite way to de-stress?  Let me know...I can always use more ideas!


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