Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A New Pledge

After running around like a crazy person yesterday, I've come up with a new pledge.

Starting today, I will take at least thirty minutes three times a week to work on a craft project.

I have determined that I need something to feed my soul.  I have been so incredibly busy with life that I've forgotten to take those few minutes to create something beautiful.  It's necessary, and I've been neglecting it.

Granted, I did spend ten minutes of that time today searching for an embroidery hoop!!  Why is the supply you need never handy when you need it???  Okay, I won't count that time.  I did find one, though!

I did make up that ten minutes thanks to the project I'm beginning.  The embroidery thread came pre-sorted!  Personally, I think that should be mandatory with every kit!

I've got my start!  If you could make a pledge for something to feed your soul, what would it be?


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