Monday, August 19, 2013

Hate It!

What do I hate?  Feeling helpless.

I hate when a friend is in need and there is nothing I can do to help except listen.  I'm a mom...our natural tendency is to try to make it better.  Sometimes, though, life does not offer that option.

I hate when one of my children is having a bad day.  I hate the fact that they are now grown, and I have to let them fix it by themselves.  A hug and a kiss is no longer a fix for life's dilemmas.

I hate watching a pet age.  Though we know deep down in our hearts when we get a pet that they won't be with us forever; there is an overwhelming urge to find some miracle way to extend their lifespan to match our own.

I hate not being able to be everything I need to be for everyone.  Knowing that there are some things I just cannot fix or make better.

Hasn't this always been a woman's lot?  At least in my generation, we were raised to be caregivers.  The frustration of not being able to do it all is something many of us live with on a daily basis.  Personally, letting go has never been a particular talent of mine.  I always try harder, sometimes to the point of exhaustion.  The fact remains...I cannot do everything for everyone.  I cannot fix everything.  I cannot make everything better.

I will keep trying.


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