Friday, August 2, 2013

Frugal School Supplies

Sorry the blog is so late today but I spent today shopping for school supplies for next semester.

I've preached before about checking Family Dollar, Dollar General, and Dollar Tree for deals.  I saw it again today.

I needed four 1.5 inch binders for school.  At Kmart, they were $6.99 each.  At Family Dollar...only $3.00.
I bought four, saving $3.99 on each binder.  That is twelve bucks that is much better off in my pocket!!

If I had only needed one inch binders, I would have headed to Dollar Tree.  They have a huge selection for a dollar each.

School supplies are a huge chunk of the back-to-school budget, even for us ancient college students!  Get the most for your money by exploring your options before you buy!!


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